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December 06, 2006


for all nations


from an article posted december 5th, 2006 on by none other than harold monteau...of MONTEAU and peebles law firm representing picayune rancheria of the chukchansi indians tribal council

"monteau: montana governor wrong on igra"

"Economic discrimination in the form of economic racism is economic terrorism. No legal or moral argument can be made to sustain this reprehensible treatment of Montana’s Native Americans."

well now, harold...many people around indian country also believe that no legal or moral argument can be made to sustain the reprehensible treatment of the dismembered citizens of the picayune rancheria of the chukchansi indians, nor can your legal representation and validification of what is continuing to occur there be justified in any are leading the way, and participating in, the economic discrimination, economic racism, and economic terrorism (not to mention--more importantly-- the SPIRITUAL and CULTURAL discrimination and terrorism) of the 250 chukchansi people disenrolled thus far at picayune and the 400 or so yet to go through your sanctioned paper genocide....your design of, and assistance in, the picayune tribal councils denial of constitutional and civil rights of our chukchansi citizens amounts to spiritual, cultural, and economic rape of indian your "honorable" indian law firm are every bit as responsible as the tribal council...YOUR behavior is reprehensible...apparently, you and your firm find "economics" more important than being "indian" and honoring your ancestors and traditions...Back to top


Hi! I just dropped by to see your site, because you visited me...thank you...and I was really taken aback over this situation! Like most folks, I had no idea this was happening!What a terrible mess the government has allowed to occur.I would like to do something to help, so I am adding you to my people list, if that's okay?


TINA, aka FEATHERHEAD, brought me here.

I am mostly Indian.

I have an attitude.

I have a fairly well-viewed site.

Would you do me the favor of visiting my site and telling me how I can help?

Or better yet, send me an email, the address is on my site.

I can be very ... effective.


I tried to use an HTML link and it did not work.

The Steel Deal.

Google it.

Pained Reader

Not to lessen the value of what you're reporting, but do your future readers a favor - figure out where an apostrophe belongs before you hit "Submit" next time, ok?

Bill Hayes (Hawa)

I was disenrolled in September of 2006 from the Chukchansi Tribe. In my hearing with the Tribal Council, I was told that even though I was of Chukchansi decent I did not enroll in time. Now, a year later, my brother is being called in for a hearing. He did submit all the required documents for enrollment before the required timeframe and was listed on the 1988 enrollments. The Tribe will not tell him why he needs to come in for a hearing. All of his paperwork is in order, according to the tribe but will not tell him why the hearing is taking place. I think we all know that the dividends are soon to be payed and the select few want more of their share. By the way, my Great,Great Grandmother was a Princess of the tribe. If I'm not Native then what am I?


Standard Governmental Policy: It is much easier and cheaper to watch infighting than it is to defend and establish federal policy.
They are happy to provide you with paper and proof and are delighted to see that you now are requiring it of yourselves.

This is the new war and it is not about land. Know your battlefield and your opponents. Ultimately indiginous people will be the source of their own undoing if they are not careful. Stop alienating yourselves from your peers and segregating your culture.
Your battles are and have been won by groups, not individuals. Disection by individual identification undermines your varied culture. Indiginous people are undoing their own governance and group power. Command respect not demand respect.
Top down, not bottom up in this one. You are more than 'indian' and should capitalize and promote those assets rather than attack them, or allow attacks on them, by opinion or conjecture. You are your own best advocate. Defend yourselves, protect your culture, and further your efforts for no one else will. Time to figure it out is not your ally. The wolves are at your door. Be they friend or foe ?

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I would like to do something to help, so I am adding you to my people list, if that's okay?

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