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  • The Clovis Democratic Club meets on the third Thursday of every month. The meeting occurs at the Denny's Restaurant on Shaw at Willow in Clovis. We start assembling at 5:30pm and the meeting starts at 6:00pm. Come out and support your party! Changes in the way we do business as a Nation must start on the block's of American neighborhoods if those changes are to succeed!

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June 03, 2007


Original Pechanga


Glad to have you back in the writer's seat. You've been missed.

These are excellent points and I'll post your article here in my blog.

I'm working on an article about immoral relativity that you briefly touched on. It "only" affects a few thousand people, but that is a LARGE percentage of the Native American population.


Excellent points, Bryan. I think there is another reason why the media avoids indian issues also. Tribal members, even those adversely effected by horrible leadership, don't want to admit to the press that they have no real control over indian businesses. They are afraid of what happened to you.

Casino management/tribal leadership doesn't want the truth (insanity) known because the casino's bond ratings could be negatively effected. They are no different from any other corporation.

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